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Learn more about Eli's priority issues.

Dismantle Barriers To Community Progress

As City Attorney, Eli understands the importance of equity across policy decisions to dismantle institutional racism embedded within the City of Oakland. 

Improve Government Efficiency & Capacity

As City Attorney, Eli will fight to increase the Office's resources and grow its capacity to meet the City's needs and address the most pressing issues of the day.

Protect Our Most Vulnerable Residents

The City Attorney’s Office can be a powerful tool against all forms of injustice by justly and equitably upholding the law to defend our communities.

Streamline Housing Regulations

The housing affordability crisis is not only an Oakland problem, it is a regional problem that requires regional and state-wide cooperation and solutions.

Bridge The Gap Between CAO & Communities

As City Attorney, Eli understands the importance of community input and a healthy and transparent relationship with Oakland residents. 

People-Powered Campaign

 As City Attorney, Eli will bring dynamic and progressive leadership to help move Oakland forward. But he can't do this alone. Will you join him?


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